Junior Tennis Selection Program

About the Program 

The TennisDNA Junior Selection Program has two main aspects: building a personal game style, and developing mental toughness. Our goal for the Junior Selection Program is for the participants to become champions in tennis and in life.  With the lowest student:coach:court ratio in the NOVA area, this program gives students the attention that is required to achieve the amazing results that are achieved in this program. 

Building a game style is a long process for every player, one that is usually not finished until at least age 16 or 17.  The TennisDNA Selection Program provides every participant with the proper environment to build a unique and effective game style. By working through the stages of consistency, to well roundedness, to finally capitalizing on personal strengths, players in this program can take their tennis to whatever heights they wish to achieve.  

The mental toughness aspect of the Selection Program means that players must learn how to: train with 100% effort every time they practice, be honest with themself and others, and work through adversity on the tennis court. We use group-oriented environments, classroom lessons, and on-court adversity training in the Selection Program to teach mental these things. When players come to practice in this program, they understand that they are expected to put in their full effort and attention, and practice to the best of their ability without distractions. Mental toughness is the hardest aspect of becoming a great tennis player, and is often the one thing that stops good tennis players from becoming great tennis players. The same mental breakthroughs that develop great tennis players are also the ones that develop great people, and ultimately, that is what learning tennis is all about!  

Program Entry

Email Lauren Dupuisour performance tennis admin, for evaluations, class schedules, and any further questions about the program.


TennisDNA’s Junior Selection Program is held indoors at McLean Racquet and Health Club, and outdoors at both Lewinsville Park and McLean Central Park. These three sites are all located within one mile of each other, just inside the belt way in the heart of McLean, VA. Please see the bottom of the page for addresses. 

Session Dates:


Spring 2021 Indoor 

Mon, Feb 1st- Sun, June 13th (18 weeks) 

Spring 2021 Outdoor

Mon, March 15th- Sun, June 13th (12 weeks) 


MRHC Member- $38/hour 

MRHC Non-member- $42/hour  


Student:Coach:Court Ratio:

4:1:1 *Lowest in the area*



Outdoor- 12 week sessions in both Spring and Fall 

Indoor- 18 week sessions,

  • Winter/Spring: Feb-June

  • Fall/Winter from Sep-Jan.  

Class Length:

Classes are 1, 1.5, or 2 hours, depending on the class. Hourly rates remain the same  

Court Addresses

McLean Racquet and Health Club (Indoor)

1472 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22101

Lewinsville (Outdoor)


1659 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22101

McLean Community Center (McLean Central Park)

1234 Ingleside Ave, McLean, VA 22101