Changing NoVA tennis from the inside out

Junior Tennis

Making tennis a part of our juniors.


Promoting the sport  

Adult Tennis

Making great tennis programs more accessible.





Making tennis a part of our juniors 

Tennis is a lifelong sport that can enhance the life of its participants. A love of tennis starts with a great coach, and we take it upon ourselves to be that great coach for our participants.  From each player’s first swing to their many championship victories, we guide each player on their tennis pathway to make tennis a part of them.


Beginner to advanced junior development  

Nobody is born with the ability to play great tennis. Instead, becoming a good tennis player requires great instruction. We provide this necessary step to becoming a great tennis player to our students.  

Filling the gap  

Up until now, if a player wanted to become a great tennis player they either had to move to an academy, or pay enormous amounts of money to train indoors year-around. We have set out to change this. With our development pathway, we are bringing the first outdoor tennis program in the NOVA area to have true player development. 


Not just tennis, but life champions 

As an individual sport, tennis requires a great deal of mental toughness. The same qualities that make a great tennis player make a great individual. Qualities such as hard work, tenacity, self-efficacy, and personal accountability are central in the way our coaches teach. While we want them to become great players, we think it is more important that they become great people!  



Making great tennis programs more accessible 


Good adult tennis programs are few and far between. Currently, if adult players want to enjoy tennis outside of pick-up play and local leagues, they either have to belong to a country club or travel to Fairfax, McLean, or Arlington. TennisDNA has set out to change this and allow adult players to enjoy the sport without traveling to do so!


Offering the right fit for everyone 

Adult tennis players play tennis for a variety of reasons. Some play for fitness, others play just for fun, others want to be local champions. We have created an adult tennis program that gives players the option find exactly what they are looking for out from our great coaches and many program options.  



Promoting the sport  

Pickleball is a growing sport and has huge potential in the area. TennisDNA is committed to facilitating that growth by offering exciting programs for current players as well as new participants. 


Growing the local pickleball community 

When more people who play pickleball can connect, the sport and the participants will benefit. We hope to build the infrastructure that will help grow the pickleball community. Tournaments, league play, and fun social events are all great ways for the pickleball community to grow and connect.

Introducing junior pickleball 

Junior pickleball is a novel concept in the area, however we plan to bring it to the forefront of NOVA sports. Pickleball is great exercise, a lifetime sport, a family sport, and develops many other important skills. Once juniors begin pickleball, they willl never want to stop!