Our Socially Distant 

class Structure

Please read how classes will be run in light of the current pandemic. Tennis classes were already very safe due to the facts that: 

  • Tennis is naturally a socially distant sport 

  • We have a very low student:coach ratio 

  • We are outdoors in the summer heat 

However, even with these facts, we have adapted our protocol to create the safest possible environment for the partcipants, the coaches, and the community as a whole. Our new protocol is as follows:  

  • Participants come and immediately have markers that will keep them 10 feet apart  

  • Each participant will have a zone that they will wait in when getting water or eating snacks   

  • Participants have to bring their own hopper or tube to pick up balls- link below to buy a hopper or tube: https://www.amazon.com/Tennis-Ball-Hoppers/b?ie=UTF8&node=3419941  

  • The coaches will be the only ones touching the balls and equipment   

  • All classes are done in stations, with participants remaining10 feet apart the entire time  

  • Participants have their own zone of the court that they will pick up balls in (using their hopper or tube from home)   

  • Participants who do not follow these guidelines will immediately be sat out with no exceptions  

  • All equipment will be sanitized at the end of each and every day  

  • Coaches will wear gloves at all times during classes 

Have some questions? Contact our coaches directly via a link below:

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