Policies & sign-up details

Cancelation DUE TO COVID-19: 

In the event that you sign up for camps and we are unable to hold camps due to reasons related to the pandemic, every sign-up will receive a full refund. Furthermore, if we decide to hold camps, however due to reasons related to the pandemic you no longer feel comfortable sending your kid to camp even though we have decided to hold camp, then you will receive a full refund as well. COVID-19 related concerns must be the reason for canceling in order for an individual to receive a refund.  

Cancellations (all other reasons): 

Players must cancel their attendance for any days/weeks AT LEAST one week prior to the start of the camp week in order to be eligible for a makeup. Refunds will only be offered in the event of injury. 

Rain policy:

For group tennis classes, class will be canceled in the case of rain. A makeup will be offered in the event that a class is canceled before class starts, or if class is rained out in the first ten minutes of class. If class is rained out after the first 10 minutes, then no refund or makeup will be offered.  

For Summer Camps, class will be moved indoors in the event that it rains and there is a club house available to go into.

Indoor classes will consist of classroom training such as video analysis as well as Off-court training such as footwork.  

If there is no indoor club-house to move to, then class will be canceled and a makeup will be offered as follows: 

  • If camp is rained out before the start of the camp day, then a full makeup/refund will be offered.  

  • If camp is rained out in the first half of the camp day, then a half refund will be offered.  

  • If camp is rained out in the second half of the camp day, then no refund or makeup will be offered.” 

Ratio and Length:

• Classes have a max ratio of 6 players per court, per coach.  

• Classes be 90 minutes if there are 3 or more sign-ups, and be one hour if there are 1 or 2 sign-ups.  

• While instructional, classes are fast-paced and fun, and both the kids and adults get plenty of exercise! 

Session dates: 

Each class is offered between 1 and 3 times per week. Weekdays and Weekends are both possibilities. The schedule for spring classes comes out no later than February 15th for the Spring season, March 15th for the Summer season, and July 15th for the Fall season each year. Season long sign-ups will be available upon release of the schedule.  
SPRING SESSION- Approx. April 1st-June 15th- 10 week session 
SUMMER SESSION- Approx. June 15th- August 25th- 10 week session 
FALL SESSION- Approx. September 1st- October 31st- 9 week Session  

Sign Ups: 

Sign-ups are open as soon as the session dates and class schedules are published. The first week of classes for each season is open house, meaning that players can come for free to try the class out and then decide if they want to pay for the whole session. Players have the ability to sign up online, or by paper flyer. 

Prices and Payment:  

Drop-In: $23 per hour *There must be space open in a class and the player must give 48 hour notice if they wish to drop in* 

Season-Long: $18 per hour 

Payment options will include cash, check, or online payments 

Refunds, Makeups, and Cancelation Policy: 

All cancelations must be made 24 hours in advance for a participant to be eligible for a refund or makeup.  

Makeups within the same session will be offered in the case of a missed class.  

A refund will be issued in the case that there are no makeup options due to a particular class being held only once per week. Refund will be issued via online payment, cash, or check.  

A maximum of two refund or makeups will be offered per session. Refunds of makeups for more than 2 classes in the same session will only be made in the case of injury or health issues.  

For any questions or inquiries, please contact us:

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