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Sean is the co-director of performance tennis at McLean Racquet and Health Club. Between him and coach Johan Milbrink, the program is home to players at every level from developmental Orange ball to college-bound tournament players. Sean’s position as a program director in an indoor facility poses many benefits to the participants of our outdoor junior program. More often than not, swim and tennis club coaching organizations do not have any indoor options that offer continuity in their program. However should a player from our outdoor classes decide that they want to play tennis year-round, they won’t have to go through the struggle of finding space in a good indoor program. Having already been brought up in our classes, our outdoor juniors are well equipped to enter into Sean’s indoor program.   


European Training Style 

(Performance level): 

Having spent time coaching and playing in Spain and Germany, Sean has experienced first-hand the training methods used to produce world ranked juniors and pros. Along with this, Johan (co-director) grew up and learned tennis in Sweden, competing internationally on the ATP tour and reaching a career high ranking of #692 in the world. Between the two of them, they bring a level of knowledge and experience of how to train effectively in tennis that is unmatched in the area. The performance level juniors in the program (those past the development pathway) are all trained based on a European academy style.  


Tennis development pathway: 

Sean’s indoor tennis program uses the same development pathway as is seen in any of the classes given by him or his coaches, be it indoor or outdoor. Because of this, it really can be seen as one big program, with year-round training available to every junior involved. When moving indoors, players will find that they are in a friendly environment and are familiar with the curriculum of the program.  


Off-Court Training:  

Sean teamed up with coach Phillipe Oliveros to create an Off-Court training program that our players do as part of every indoor class. Training done off of the tennis court is age-specific and tennis-specific, it is not just simply fitness. Depending on their age and level, players in Off-Court Training work on a combination of Coordination, Footwork, Agility, Speed, Reaction, Strength, Stroke Production, Service Tossing, and even Shot Selection.  


mental toughness:  

An important part of any tennis program is training in the mental aspects of the game. Because tennis is an individual sport, competing well requires an extreme amount of concentration, objective thinking, emotional control, tenacity, and grit. We help players with all of these aspects of tennis with pressure drills, physical challenges, and even discussions on topics related to mental toughness. Mental toughness is central not only to success in tennis, but also success in life. By improving the mental toughness of our players, we make then champions in tennis and in life.  

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Year-Round Competition opportunities:  


Players in Sean's indoor program have a number of opportunities to compete throughout the year. Players are welcome to join the in-house Junior Match-Play program hosted by coach Sean and Johan. Taking place every Saturday evening at McLean Racquet and Health Club, kids will compete in timed matches...

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