Junior Level Descriptions 

PLEASE NOTE that your child is placed in a class based on their current ability to perform the class material for each level. The placement has nothing to do with how much tennis experience they have had in the past. 

Beginner 1 

This is for players who are building the tracking skills and body awareness that is necessary to begin learning. Players at this level are working on finding their strike zone, and being able to track a ball to meet the ball in their strike zone. Players at this level will also get introductions to stroke mechanics and proper forms.  View programs for this level 

Beginner 2 

This is for players who are able to track the ball when it is in a controlled environment, and understand proper stroke mechanics. These players are working on tracking the ball at longer distances and in more randomized settings. They are also working on transitioning their knowledge of proper strokes into being able to perform those strokes in a very controlled environment.  
View programs for this level 

Intermediate 1 

Players at this level are spending much of the class time on learning to perform proper tennis strokes in a controlled environment such as hand feeding and set patterns. They will be working toward consistently using proper form in a controlled environment so that they can build up enough muscle memory to transition into using the form in a less controlled environment. View programs for this level 

Intermediate 2 

Players at this level are working toward using proper form in randomized settings. They will be doing rally progressions in which they receive randomized feeds, then rally with the coach, then attempt to rally with each other. They will also be working on consistently serving with proper form, as well as learning to volley so that they can work toward point play. View programs for this level 

Tournament 1  

Players at this level are learning how to use their rally, serve, and volley skills to become consistent point players. They will now be ready for competitive environments such as point and match play. Heavy emphasis will be on consistency in point play.  View programs for this level 

Tournament 2  

Players at this level are playing points and matches with consistency and very few errors. They are learning point-play strategies and are refining their shot selection in high-repetition environments. Players at this level are also learning the importance of hard work and are finding what it means for them to truly practice their hardest.  View programs for this level 

Tournament 3  

Players at this level are used to working their hardest every practice, for the entire practice. They are taking tennis very seriously and are devoting many hours per week to practicing and competing. These players are concentrating on building a game style and executing a strategy in a pressure match situation. View programs for this level  

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