Changing NoVA tennis from the inside out

More People Enjoying Tennis  

We feel that every player deserves to have a great experience with tennis. Tennis is a lifelong sport and has the ability to enhance the life of those who play. In spite of this, we know that it is all too common for juniors and adults alike to not enjoy tennis. This happens for a variety of reasons, from bad instruction to frustration in matches to high cost of playing. Most players start their tennis careers in some sort of tennis class, oftentimes at their local club. We want to make sure that this experience is one that breeds a love of the game and lifelong participation in the great sport of tennis.  

Great Instruction Everywhere in the NOVA Area 

No player, anywhere, should receive bad instruction and have a bad experience in tennis. The most fulfilling experience a person can have from the sport is that of building their skills and playing to the best of their abilities. All too often, the opportunity to do this is lost because players receive poor instruction that stifles their love of the game before it starts. We know that a fun and energetic class does not have to be lacking in progress and development. In our tennis program, we make great instruction our number one priority in the hope that we can contribute to great tennis in the area.  

Filling the Gap 

Promoting great instruction, even at swim and tennis clubs, is very important because tennis is increasingly becoming an outdoors only sport in NOVA. This is partially a result of tennis’ growing popularity, and also a result of the closure of the Four Seasons Tennis Club. When the club closed down in 2018, 14 of the 53 indoor tennis courts that were available for coaching the general public disappeared, causing the loss of over 1,500 hours of indoor court time per week. Thus, between this loss of indoor courts and the increasing popularity of tennis, indoor tennis in NOVA is getting more expensive and less available. With less indoor tennis, a larger percentage of tennis classes are given at swim and tennis clubs, and it is not fair to the players at these clubs to receive bad instruction simply because it’s at their local club. Great instruction does not have to live only at tennis academies and high-performance programs, there is no reason why every player who signs up for a tennis class shouldn’t be happy with their tennis.

Finding the right path for everyone 

Our goal of bringing great instruction and a love of tennis to everyone is not to say that we think every player who picks up a racquet has goals to play division one or professional tennis. Instead, we simply feel that every player will love tennis more if they can actually enjoy playing real points and matches, and have the ability to achieve continuing improvement. The problem that many players run into is that they have built bad habits from their first coaches not correcting their form, or simply giving bad instruction. This results in the frustration of having recurring issues with their game and not progressing despite much effort. Fixing a bad habit after it has already taken hold is extremely difficult, when it could have been painless to stop it before it started. We hope to give players the proper tools and foundation to pursue whatever level of tennis they desire, as well as involve them in a program where they can reach those heights should they choose to do so. Visit the “Our Program” page to find out how we accomplish these goals!