What We Offer


Tennis is a lifelong sport that can enhance the life of its participants.

A love of tennis starts with a great coach, and we take it upon ourselves to be that great coach for our participants. 

From each player’s first swing to their many championship victories, we guide each player on their tennis pathway to make tennis a part of them.

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Image by Alexandra Lowenthal

Adult tennis players play tennis for a variety of reasons.


Some play for fitness, others play just for fun, others want to be local champions. We have created an adult tennis program that gives players the option find exactly what they are looking for out from our great coaches and many program options.  

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When more people who play pickleball can connect, the sport and the participants will benefit.


We hope to build the infrastructure that will help grow the pickleball community. Tournaments, league play, and fun social events are all great ways for the pickleball community to grow and connect.


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