We understand that even with our great coaching and curriculum for group classes, there is still a place for private lessons in any tennis program. Because of the fact that the coach is focused completely on one player, it is impossible to match the progress that can be made in a private lesson setting. If a player wants to make faster progress, or is falling behind in the group class and needs some extra instruction to get back up to speed, then a coach will recommend a private lesson. Availability of private lessons is part of any complete tennis program, and with indoor private lesson spots becoming increasingly sparse, we feel it is important to make sure that players can get private lessons at their swim and tennis clubs should they choose to do so.  


Small group lessons are another great option for players who want to make fast improvement or are falling behind the others in their group classes. Semi-private lessons, groups of three, and groups of four are all great ways to get more instruction and more repetitions on court. These small groups are another thing that pros may recommend to players, and players can always ask the coach about scheduling a small group in.  


A less-costly alternative to private lessons, drills sessions are a great way for players to get more reps and make fast improvement. Our assistant coaches use our drills format to give an intense half-hour or hour session designed to be high in reps and intensity. The coach will give feedback within the TennisDNA curriculum throughout the session.  


Prices (Senior Pro)

  • Private- $75 

  • Semi-Private- $40 each ($32.5 each for siblings or immediate family) 

  • Group of 3- $35 each 

  • Group of 4- $30 each 


Prices (Junior Pro)

  • Private- $60 

  • Semi-Private- $35 each ($30 each for siblings or immediate family) 

  • Group of 3- $30 each 

  • Group of 4- $25 each  

Read our FAQ's page for Junior & Adult Clinic and Session Details