"Sean will break down your grip and each stroke until you get it right time and again. He uses fun drills and visualization techniques to enforce learning and his focus appears effective for both youth and adults. He is always positive and can work quickly through barriers. I have nothing but positive remarks for Sean and his coaching abilities."

-Mary Tisch, Adult Private and Group Student

"Our two kids have been taking lessons with Sean for more than a year a few times a week.  

We had been searching for a good coach for several years and we are very fortunate that at the end we found Sean. Our daughter was taking lessons with some other coaches for almost two years and she was not even thought how to properly hold the racquet. 

Sean has a more athletic view and a more complete coaching technique than the other coaches in the area.  
In addition, Sean has authority and kids are willing to listen to him.  
He also understands the subtle differences between our daughter and son and adjusts his teaching style accordingly. When I come to pick up the kids, I often see Sean using both playfulness and humor to engage them and keep them motivated. 

When our daughter started with coach Sean, we were thinking that it will take her a year to get into proper form. However, having Sean as a coach, it took our daughter only three months to correct her grip. Now she has a great technique and she loves playing tennis. I took her to Serbia this summer and she was practicing there with coaches. All of them were amazed how much she improved from the last year. All parents asked me for how long she is playing tennis and they were surprised that she has been thought proper technique at that age (she is 8). All thanks to coach Sean!  

Finding the right fit for your kids and their coach is extremely important to us which is why we took so long to find the right tennis instructor for our kids. Now that we have been with Sean, we can’t imagine a different coach for them. Tennis is the only sport our kids play for the entire year – all the others are only seasonal.  

The moment we have seen Sean's teaching techniques we knew he will be the right fit for our kids. I just wish we have more opportunities to practice with him!"


-Mima Marden, parent of two junior students 

"Sean is enthusiastic and energetic, and has deep knowledge of technique, movement, and strategy.  He has coached both my boys from the beginning of their young tennis careers and put them on a path of continual improvement and growth.  I would highly recommend his program especially for those who want to take their game to the next level."

-Chris Gust, Parent of two junior students 

"Sean is an excellent tennis coach and has been a great role model for my boys!  My boys have all made great progress with Sean and look forward to their lessons and classes with him.  His positive attitude and his ability to provide individualized coaching to each player within a group are unique skills that help his players progress rapidly.  I strongly recommend Sean."

-Kira Merski, parent of two junior students